My Favourite Beauty Products in 2017!

Hello to you all beautiful people. Approaching the end of the year, I decided to share with you some products that I have been loving this year. I am going to mention only those products that I have purchased again as in my opinion when you repurchase a product it is a good sign that you have enjoyed using them and do not want to run out of them. I will also put each item’s link (click the name) for you to check it for more details if you want.

**I am not sponsored by any of these brands.

Let’s start the list:


I have mentioned this item in the other blog (Four pieces of make-up that changed my life) too. Basically, all of those four items are my favourites but among them this one (and the next item) is the must have for me. The formula, the colour, the texture, everything about this product is just perfect for my skin and I never had a similar experience with any other product.


Like the Mac Studio Fix Powder, this is another one of my absolute favourite that I have repurchased twice so far. Again, the texture and especially the colour is a unique combination and I loved using this lipstick on daily basis.


This lip balm is to die for, I have purchased it quite a few times so far. I have to say though, once I got the one with honey and I did not like it as much, even the texture was a bit different. So, I went back to the peppermint. I have only good things to say about this lip balm. I have used it twice every day (morning and night) and the result is great.


While we are talking about lips, let me say that I love lush lip scrubs, I have tried the bubble-gum before but this one (Mint Chocolate) was much more, it was very soothing and cooling and yummy at the same time. I love chocolate, and I love mint, so when I heard it was mint-chocolate flavoured, I had to have it, and I am glad that I did. I love this one much better than the bubble-gum.


This moisturising cream is doing much better than any other moisturising cream that I have ever used. I have always described it to my friends as a cream that moisturises form within the skin, it feels that it reaches to the deepest layers of skin and start from there to the top. Does that make sense? Well it is the feeling that I get when I use this cream. I loved using it and it was my only moisturising cream for the whole year.


This foot lotion does exactly what it says it would. It energises aching feet while hydrating and smoothing dry skin on tough soles and heels. It smells so good and absorbs very quickly. So, it became an essential part of my after-shower routine.


I love this product so much that I always have a full size, a travel size and a backup. This spray is 100% invisible and it is not irritating my skin as some other brands do. It works perfectly for me and I love the fact that it has 0% alcohol.


I have mentioned this mask in the recent blog (Purifying Face Mask) as one of my favourite. I love using this face mask. Everything about this mask is great and works for me. I recently heard from some people in the beauty industry that it is actually very similar to the GlamGlow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment Mask. I have not used the GlamGlow one but have seen it and I have to say that the mask itself, seems very similar. The GlamGlow mask comes in 50ML and is £42 whereas this one comes in 75ML and is £17.


I have curly hair and was looking for a good anti frizz product for quite a long time. When I found this one, it seemed that the search has come to an end and I finally managed to find The One. I have consistently used this product and have repurchased it again and again.



I am obsessed with this fragrance. I have mentioned it in the blog reviewing M&S advent calendar, and I have fallen in love with it since the first time I’ve smelled it. I now have it in the 10ML size that comes in the advent calendar but am definitely going to buy it in a larger size.


I got this product at the beginning of the year and since then it is the only black eye pencil that I have used. I have couple of other black eye pencil but I found myself reaching out for this one every time. It is very black, the texture is perfect, it won’t transfer and won’t smudge. It is not irritating the eye and lasts very long. I still have the one I got but will repurchase it for sure.


There were of course other products that I have enjoyed using this year but I thought I would only mention those that I have repurchased or am going to do so in near future.

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love xx





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