What’s the name of that Shoe?!

Have you ever been in a situation that you have seen a great pair of shoes in a store and you really want to tell your friends about it but when it comes to describing it to your friends, you feel that you are stuck and don’t even know the name of that type of shoe?!!!

In this blog I will introduce you to the name of the main type of shoes. After learning these names, you can use this list as a guideline and would be able to name and describe any other type of shoes that you see.

Let’s start the list from boots (season appropriate 😉)

  • Chelsea boots

They are very basic boots that are ankle high and have an elastic part (usually in the sides) to help on putting it on by stretching. They usually do not have a zipper.



  • Knee-high boots

It is obvious from its name that they cover the feet up to the knee. If it goes even higher to the thigh, then they are called thigh-high boots.



Now let’s move on to shoes:

  • Loafers

They are almost flat, they usually have some sorts of a hard heel that makes them comfortable for city walks. They are very popular, and both men and women can wear this type of shoe.



  • Ballerinas

They are flat and very flexible shoes. They often have a round front.



  • Gladiators or Gladiator Sandals/Flat Sandals

These shoes are very comfortable for the summer time, it is usually made of straps with a very flat sole.



  • Wedges

These shoes have no separated heel and the thickness of the heel and sole are attached, it is like the heel and sole are in one piece. They come in different sizes but they are very comfortable to walk in.



  • Mules

They are like slippers (heel is bare and have no cover). They come in different heel sizes.



  • Mary Janes (or some might say dancing shoes)

Because of the strap at the front part of the shoe, you can move easily in this shoe and it will not come off your feet.

mary jane


  • Sling backs

These shoes have a strap that hold your feet at the back of the shoes and that strap is the only thing that covers the heel part of the foot.



  • Ankle-strap shoe

They usually have a piece that support the back of the shoes with a horizontal strap that goes around the ankle.

ankle strap


  • Kitten heels

These are every cute heels that makes walking in these shoes very very comfortable. These shoes are perfect for when you have an official meeting that you know you might end up standing for a long time.

kitten heel


  • Platform Shoe

These shoes have added height to the sole part of the shoe in the front. They are more comfortable comparing to the stilettos because of the more support that you get from the sole.



  • Stiletto

The classic high heel shoe. The heel size usually starts from 2 inches (5cm) at least and can go higher and higher.



  • Peep Toe

These shoes are the one with a piece cutted in the front part that shows your toes.




  • Chunky heels

They are shoes with wider and bigger heels comparing to stilettos. They will provide more support in the heel and also more comfort.

chunky heel


Now by using this list and knowing these basic features and names about shoes, you can name and describe every other type of shoes.

For example, if you see a shoe like the following picture, you can say that it is a Mary-jane Wedge.



Or this one is a Peep toe kitten heel.



Or this one is a Sling back platform



Or this one is a Peep Toe Sling Back Chunky Heel.



Hope you enjoy reading this blog. 😊

Let me know which type of shoe is your favourite? 😊xx





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