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What I love about Autumn!

Autumn is enchanting, don’t you agree?

Each season has exclusive features and that’s why I love them all. But today, it’s going to be Autumn’s story 😉

Let’s start from the beginning, I love even its name, as it is very noble and sophisticated: Autumn. When you pronounce it, is very pleasant to the ear.  Even if you use Fall as the name, it indicates the fall of leaves from trees and is very accurate for this season.

Autumn, is nature being painted in the most magnificent colours. It is captivating, witnessing all leaves turning in to different shades of orange, red, brown and yellow. They will leisurely dance off the branches making the most colourful roads and paths. Autumn styles a landscape, like a precious painting that deserves to be exhibited in a museum. How can I not love this season?!

As well, I have to mention the weather. I am living in the UK where the weather is always a great topic of each day. Before Autumn (i.e. spring & Summer), you really do not have a clue how the weather would turn out. There isn’t any consistency in the weather, you might get a warm day with sun shining in the sky and in couple of hours, that same day might turn into a rainy day that you would need to have your cardigans on. In Autumn however, you have the assurance of having a constant cool weather accompanying with a crisp and uplifting breeze. Consequently, you get to put on your comfy knitwears and be always warm and comfortable. I love the feeling of being cosy and warm, don’t you?!

Next, It’s all about a cosy night in with decent food. In the Autumn, it is all about wholesome, warm, comforting & filling food such as hearty stews, cheese on toast and a selection of Yummy soups. You can easily stay at home with a bowl of soup, reading a book while snugged in your sofa under a throw. It is one of the best feeling ever. On that note, I have to add the pleasure of having all new TV shows coming or shows which resume in their new seasons, ones you have been waiting for😉

I know there are loads of other reasons to love Autumn by. I just wanted to share some of the very simple and basic pleasures of life in the Autumn. I hope you find it inspiring, and would try to enjoy these mini-luxuries of life. 😊xx

What are your favorite things about Autumn?

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