How long you can keep your makeup products?

People are sometimes uncertain about the best time to throw out or replace their make-up products as usually they don’t have an expiry date on them.

There are of course some common advices to get the maximum endurance from your make up such as:

  • make sure that you are only buying those products that haven’t been opened in store
  • keeping them in a cool & dry place
  • make sure that you always close the lids tightly

But even with these tips, these products cannot stay in your drawer forever.

Here, I am going to give you some general ideas (more like a guideline) for each make-up product so you would know when is the best time to replace it.

1. Mascara

Life Span: 3 months

Explanation: Mascara has a very short lifetime because of the risk of an eye infection.  Mascara tubes provide a very amiable area for bacteria to live (dark & moist). Therefore, to prevent an eye infection, it is sensible to replace your mascara every three months.



2. Foundation

Life Span: one year

Explanation: I think you all know to keep your liquid foundation away from heat and in a cool & dry place. Usually after a year you will notice a change either in the colour or the consistency of your foundation. That’s the time to throw them away.



3. Eyeliner

Life Span: 3-6 months

Explanation: Gel or liquid liners are very similar to mascara (risk of an eye infection), but Eye pencils have a longer life span (up to a year) especially if they get sharpened regularly. But then again if you did not use your eye pencil in a year (i.e. it did not get sharpened), then it is wise to throw them away.

eyeliner & pencil


4. Concealer

Life Span: one year – 18 months

Explanation: Concealers come in very different containers. If it comes in a pot and you always apply it with either a brush or a sponge (regularly washed & cleaned), then it will easily last up to 18 months. If, however you apply it with your fingers, it is better to throw it away after a year, likewise if it comes in a tube with a wand applicator.

concealer 1


5. Eye Shadow

Life Span: 2 years for powder, 1 year if in liquid or cream form

Explanation: Generally, powder products have a longer life span because they usually do not have any oils or water in them. Therefore, they can easily last up to 2 years. Shadows in liquid or cream form will last up to a year. Just be aware of the fact that you should keep your brushes clean to prevent bacteria building up in them (causing an eye infection).

Eye shadows


6. Blush or Bronzer

Life Span: 2 years for powder, 1 year if in liquid or cream form

Explanation: Similar to powder eyeshadows, bronzers and blushes can be used up to 2 years. Throw away your liquid or cream bronzer/blushes after one year though.

bronzer & Blush


7. Lipstick & Lip Gloss

Life Span: 6 months – 1 year

Explanation: Often after a year you will notice that the surface of your lipstick gets harder and/or it will have a weird smell to it. These are usually results of the decay of chemical stabilizers in the lipstick. Lip Glosses which are similar to mascara (tube and applicator), should be thrown away every 6 months but if the lip gloss is in one of those tubes that you need to squeeze the product out of it, then the life span can be a bit longer than 6 months (almost up to a year).

*Note: lip pencils are like eye pencils, you should sharpen them regularly.


Lipstick & Gloss


8. Makeup Brushes

Life Span: between 1 to 5 years

Explanation: The life span of a makeup brush depends very on the quality of its made. Washing and cleaning them regularly would also affect their longevity. Usually a very good quality brush that has been preserved very well, will last for a few years.



9. Makeup Sponge

Life Span: up to 1 month

Explanation: The truth is, if you are washing your sponge thoroughly and regularly (after every use), then you can use them up to 1 month. If you are not doing that, then you really should throw them away after each application (I know it hurts). The good news is makeup sponges are not very expensive and they are available in all of drugstores.

sponge 2


10. Nail Polish

Life Span: one year

Explanation: Substances in a nail polish will start breaking down after a year, therefore you will notice a yellow hint in the colour. It will also start thickening and will be hard to work with.

nail polish


General Tips:

  • If you notice that you have an eye infection, you must throw away all of your eye make-ups that you have used while having the infection (the beginning of symptoms). The chance of the bacteria (the one caused the infection) living in all of those eye make-ups, is very high. So, by throwing them away, you will reduce the risk of developing an infection again.
  • Try to write the date that you open your make-up for the first time, on its container. It will be helpful to know exactly for how long you have kept that item.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and find it useful.

Please write a comment below and let me know if you have more tips and advices regarding make-up products, I would love to know more 😊 xx





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