All You Need To Be Trendy In This Season (for ladies)

Being fashionable or to be on point with the newest trend is something that most of us usually desire. I have come across some people that think to achieve this goal you either needs to spend a lot of money on high-end brands or buy a lot of pieces of clothing. Well it is not necessarily true. Couple of weeks ago I was attending a fashion consultancy event for the current trends of this season. I found it very helpful and decided to share some of the information with you.

Before I start, let me give you a piece of advice for future. The only thing you need to do is looking at the changes that happens in the windows of stores for each season. In the fashion world what you see in the window is part of the visual merchandising and it is a way of marketing communication. It will provide you with information about the current trend such as: colour, pattern, texture and etc. all you should do is, watch!! 😉

By being aware of the general theme of the current trend, you can then get couple of pieces that matches the theme (you might have something similar already in your wardrobe) and mix and match them with other piece of clothing that you own and voila! you would be considered very trendy 😊

Now back to this season, some of the general theme or trends are as follows.

  1. Quilted coats
  2. Oversized knitwear/jumper/sweater
  3. Fluted/ruffeled hemline or sleeves
  4. Patterned or floral Trousers/ Skirts
  5. Oh, and I’m sure you all have noticed how the Colour Red (different shades of it) is on trend in this season. 😉

I have included some pictures for each item from different brands (with their prices) to visually give you an idea of what does it mean. I will also put their link just in case you want to visit the website to browse for more options (click the name of the brand). Now that you know what to look for, you will find loads of other pieces in stores. 🙂

**I am not sponsored by any of these brands.

 1. Quilted Coats

Miss Selfridge: £69
TopShop: Â£70
H&M: £39.99


 2. Oversized knitwear/jumper


H&M: £39.99



New Look: £24.99

Next: £34

  1. Fluted/Ruffled hemline or sleeves


top 2

Matalan: £10

Top 3
Wallis: £30

  1. Patterned (mostly Checked) or floral Trousers/ Skirts


River Island: £30

ZARA: £29.99

trouser 3
JD Williams: £22


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